Brooklyn based DJ and Electronic Musician. Infinite kitten has been an active member of the New York Electronic Music Scene and Burning Man Community. He has appeared on the Sirius XM Radio show, Sam Roberts’ Show, he performs at clubs, festivals and music shows as well as busking in the NY City Subway.

He explores a wide range of styles and genre’s, ranging from high energy dance music to experimental ambient and noize music. He also considers himself a conceptual artist in sound and explores topics that are often considered taboo. His interests delve into pornography, technology andĀ their effect on sexuality; fantasy and the mind unleashed and free of restraint. His music is often hypnotic, sometimes dark, but always seeking pleasure and humor. “Electronic music takes itself too seriously most of the time. I want people to laugh while contemplating complex paradigms.”, he say’s while describing the tone that most electronic music takes on.

Infinite KittenĀ has released two album’s and several EP’s. His latest CD is entitled The Transformational Vibrations of INFINITE KITTEN. He performs regularly at WARPER PARTY in NYC.

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