Brooklyn based DJ and Electronic Musician. Infinite kitten has been an active member of the New York Electronic Music Scene and Burning Man Community. He has appeared on the Sirius XM Radio show, Sam Roberts’ Show, he performs at clubs and music shows as well as busking in the NY City Subway.

Infinite Kitten has released One album and several EP’s.  He has a new full length CD currently in the works. He performs regularly at Warper Party in NYC.

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An electronic multimedia experience by NYC artists, Nate Tronick and RGB Values. In their premiere audio performance Sex Wars, Erotic Body Station explores the impact of the mainstream dissemination of messages about sex that permeate American culture. Sex Wars unflinchingly contrasts a right-wing conservative viewpoint with an equally repressive message from the radical left-wing feminist movement. interspersed are messages of acceptance and tolerance from a transgender sex worker. Erotic Body Station uses electronic music and sampled media manipulations.





Original Old School break and Ghetto Trip Hi-Fi music by electronic musician Nate Tronick. This album is chock full of old-school electro breaks. It’s dance floor friendly music that kickstarts the party and makes the good times even better.








mind_kontrol_coverDr. M. Turner

Dr. M. Turner is an experimentalist who performs meta-experiments in sound that allow for listeners to re-engineer themselves. Dr. M. Turner has two full length CD’s. The Quantum Membrane is an ambient journey through the scale of the universe. Mind Kontrol is a series of sonic meta-experiments, which the listener can perform on themselves.






Synaptic Transfer

 Synaptic Transfer

Orgchart Symphony is about creating auditory environments for structured and organized modes of thought. The artist playfully creates visionary machines in sound for the listener to build and interact with in imaginary space. There is often more to hear than what meets the ear.